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Name:QT8-15 Fully automatic hydraulic block making machine
Category:Fully automatic hydraulic block making machine
Time:2012-5-17 14:55:40

Quick Details

Type: Hollow Block Making Machine Brick Raw Material: Concrete Processing: Brick Production Line Method: Hydraulic Pressure Automatic: Yes Capacity: 15300pcs/8h Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Shengya Model Number: QT8-15 Power: 36.65kw
Packaging & Delivery

acc block making machine QT 8-15
1.PLC controlling system,
2.electro-hydraulic proportional valve
3.Good quality

Detailed Product Description

  QT815 is one biggest size full automatic block forming machine.It is controlled by PLC systems.So it only need 5people to operate this machine to produce.This machine adopt the hydraulic pressure to produce,so it can produce different hollow block,solid bricks,and pavement bricks(Color or no color) only change different mould as per your requirement.Its production capacity is 60000pcs/8h(for solid bricks).

Main Technical Specifications:

 Overall Size  4900*2000*2580mm
 Cycle  15-18s
 Pallet  Size  900*850*30mm
 Power  36.65kw
 vibration force  100KN
 vibration Frequency  45-75hz
 rated pressure  21Mpa

Production Capacity

 SIZE(L*W*H)  pcs/drop  pcs/hr  pcs/shift
 230X110X70  32  5760-6720  46080-53760
 400X100X200  15.5  2790-3255  22320-26040
 400X200X200  7.5  1350-1575  10800-12600
 400X250X200  6.5  1170-1365  9360-10920
 400X150X200  8.5  1530-1785  12240-14280
 Paver:200X100X60  27  4860  38880
 Paver:200X165X60  20  3600  28800


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