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Name:JS500 concrete mixers
Category:Concrete mixers
Pattern:JS750 concrete mixers
Time:2012-5-17 15:07:40
Price:US $5,355 - 5,555 / Set


JS750 concrete vertical revolving pan mixer


JS500 electric mixing machinery equipment
1) Outstanding Quality
2) Motor Power:18.5kw
3) Productivity: 23-28 m3/h

Technical parameters



Charging Capacity


Discharging Capacity




Rotating Speed of Stirring Shaft


Motor power


Pump Motor


Standard Height of Discharge


Detailed Product Description          
INRODUCTION OF JS500 electric concrete mixing machines       
   JS500 double axle concrete mixer can mix plasticity, lower plasticity, do rigid and various kinds of light quality concrete and sand oar. It is a kind of Multi-functional mixing machinery with high efficiency and low energy Consumption. With low noises mixing effect, it is suitable for high quality concrete mix of home working.JS model double axes stirring machine is more advanced machine at present in our country, do well in mixing concrete,production is efficient, shorter time for mixing, low energy, noise is small.It can mix all kinds of concrete ,meeting many requirement.Alternative parts has long life, easily to repair and operate and so on, feed height which according to customers need is designed .it can be applied with concrete mixer transport machine and dumping car, working with concrete mixer make a concrete stirring machine ,it is very good production for all kinds of project land.



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